Happy St. Patrick's Day

367 Days - Day 044

I'm approximately 0% Irish* so I usually don't bother wearing anything green on St. Patrick's Day. But this year I've got an Irishman I can get behind.

Pedants will point out that the feast day of St. Patrick was actually Saturday, March 15 this year (moved to avoid running into Holy Week). To which I'll respond that my local grocery store had decorations up proclaiming "Happy Shamrock Day" -- St. Patrick's Day is well on its way to the same fate that has befallen Mardi Gras in this country. Stripped of any cultural or religious significance, it'll be just another Excuse to Drink Day where you wear a seemly-arbitary color of beaded necklace.

Did I get off-track? Oops. Happy You're-Irish Day!

* I'm sure if you back far enough on my Norwegian side, there'd be some cross-North Sea genetic transfer. But if you go back far enough, we're all African cousins. Hmm... I think I'm all out of "point" today.