Reverie Theatre

Reverie Theatre: Jason Vizza and Melanie Keller
Jason Vizza and Melanie Keller as "a couple nearing an end"

A couple of weeks ago, Erica and I went to a benefit for Reverie Theatre Company that featured a performance of The Closer We Get by Chris Pomeroy. It was quite an extraordinary piece of theater. For an hour and a half, ten different scenes were performed simultaneously in different set-lets around the art gallery where the benefit was being held (except for the "Cupid" scene, which took place in the art gallery itself and was the only one to feature audible words) -- all having to do with different kinds of relationships at different stages: a couple on the verge of a breakup, a mother and child, a poet dealing with a failed relationship, a woman and her peeping tom, etc. At the start of the evening I thought it might be a bit hokey, but found it to be surprisingly powerful. Enough so that when it got a bit overwhelming, we'd go back and look at the mother and child for a while to reset. That kid was great!

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Reverie Theatre: Jorge Sanchez
Jorge Sanchez as "a struggling, manic-depressive poet"

Reverie Theatre: Abram Rabinowitz
Abram Rabinowitz as Cupid

Reverie Theatre: Elizabeth Wetmore and Henry Sanchez
Elizabeth Wetmore and Henry Sanchez as "a mother and her beloved newborn"

Reverie Theatre: Melissa Hard
Melissa Hard as "a woman with a picnic basket, three nearly invisible friends, and a powerful imagination"

Reverie Theatre: Fannie Hungerford
Fannie Hungerford as "a young, vengeful woman"

Reverie Theatre: Betsy Zajko and Gary Sugarman
Gary Sugarman and Betsy Zajko as "a peeping tom and the object of his obsession"