Wild Animus

Giving away Wild Animus

A couple of weeks ago I read an item on Bookslut about a book publisher trying to promote a book by giving away copies of it to "intellectual mavericks" at music festivals and such. Today I ran into some guys I know* giving away copies of the book on State Street.

Here was our instant literary criticism as we were waiting for the train:

"Hmm... 'All proceeds from the sale of this book will be dedicated to the conservation of strategic wilderness lands in Alaska.'"

"Well, I like wild animals."



"A guy gets turned into a ram. And gets chased by wolves."

"Oh. Are we going to stop at home or go straight to the restaurant?"

We had each taken a copy, but somehow after dinner I ended up with everyone's copies here at home.

* I keep running into under-employed improvisors giving me things, especially since half the people I know seem to be working on the Ted promotional staff -- and the Ted promotional philosophy seems to be "give things away and people will want to fly on our airline".)