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So there's this challenge to read 50 Books in a year. (Did I read it on Bookslut? Anyway, I've been following Neal Pollack's attempt through 2005.) And now that we're in the new place and my in-boxes-for-two-years (or more) books are meeting my custom-built-for-a-different-house bookshelves, I'm confronted rather physically with how many books are in my too-be-read pile. And I feel like I used to read plenty more than 50 books a year. Of course, that was back in the 16 years as a student when reading books was, in effect, my job.

So, I've decided to try. It's just under a book a week. Should be no problem, right? Of course, we're already a week into 2006 and I've only just finished the last half of Cosmonaut Keep by Ken MacLeod, which I don't feel like I can count against 2006, both because it was just half of the book, and because it was a re-read in preparation for reading the latter two books of the Engines of Light trilogy. Sigh. Wish me luck!