Little Brother

In Cory Doctrow's new Young Adult Novel Little Brother it's the very near future and a teenager sneaks out of school to play an ARG at the same time as terrorists attack San Francisco and in the ensuing chaos is picked up the Department of Homeland Security. With a friend secretly imprisioned and the DHS tightening control of San Francisco, our hero decides to fight back and bring down the DHS.

The book is equal parts politcal screed, hacking and culture jamming HOWTO, and David and Goliath adventure story. I've been reading about the book on BoingBoing and elsewhere for months and I think I read it far too critically to get the sense of how someone coming in fresh, or say in the target demo, might experience it. For now, I'll just say that it's certainly an interesting book.

Note: like all of Doctrow's works, you can download the book for free.

FuzzyCo grade: B