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Rework is the latest book from 37signals, the company behind web apps like Basecamp and Highrise. Much like their earlier book, Getting Real, and their popular blog Signal vs Noise, the book consists of very short chapters with oft-provocative statements (like, if you're pulling all-nighters a lot it doesn't mean you're hardcore, it means you've managed your time badly) backed up with some examples from their own or others' businesses. It was a quick, easy read but I'm still processing how or whether I can really apply most of their suggestions to my daily work (I don't control enough at work to put the suggestions into play) or to my extracurriculars (I so rarely try to make money off comedy, I'd really hesitate to call it a business). But if you're involved in any sort of business it's definitely worth a read, at the very least to challenge the standard notions of how business should be conducted.

FuzzyCo grade: A-