Vengeance in Vicksburg

I can't really complain about Vengeance in Vicksburg, because I knew what I was getting into when I bought the darn thing at the Jackson Airport. V in V is number five in a series of "Mississippi Mysteries" by Phil Hardwick, each an alliteratively titled mystery set in a different town in Mississippi. Hardwick is, according to the back cover, an "award-winning real estate columnist" and indeed the descriptions of the locales are best thing about the book. The mystery, and even the action sequences, are kind of boring.

While we were in Vicksburg this past weekend it happened that one of the Second City touring companies was performing in town. I called one of our friends in the company to see if we could meet up after their show and he said, "while I've got you on the phone, could you tell me the name of a local small town and a local tourist attraction -- we have a place in the show where we throw those in and it always gets a laugh, just saying the names of local things." This book is that same principle, only for 112 pages.