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DEVICE 6 is a textual game for iOS, but not, like, text-only like the old Infocom games, but rather a delightfully inventive scheme where you’re reading a short story that’s a puzzling adventure and the text itself is the map of the thing. There’s also great use of sound (and in fact the game isn’t playable without sound on) and it has a charming design. And the story is twisty and just a little creepy and meta and wow.

A recurring theme in my little reviews here is length: games that too short, games that too long, whether games are worth the money. DEVICE 6 is pretty short—I think it took me about two hours to play the six chapters. I’d love to play a longer version of the game with more puzzles, but I was very satisfied with the experience (and very proud of myself for solving some of the puzzles). And I would say that it was absolutely worth the $4 they’re asking.

FuzzyCo grade: A+