DLC Quest

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In contrast to my complaints about Lume, DLC Quest is a really short game that is sold at an appropriate price for it's length and it's actually a complete experience. It's basically one long joke about the proliferation of downloadable content that's infected so many games these days. The game is in the form of a 8-bit platformer/adventure game, but when the game starts you can only move right -- you can't move left or jump until you "buy" those features (all of the DLC is not actually purchased in this game, you're using in-game money to unlock the features). I found that when I had finished the story (for the second, for reals time) that the game was fun enough that I actually wanted to go back and complete all of the "badges" in the game as well. I mean, that stretched the whole experience out to 90 minutes or so, but it was well worth my $2.