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I got Lume as part of one those now-innumerable indie games bundles and I'm sure glad I did, because I'd be hopping mad if I had paid the $7 they wanted full-price for the game. All the reviews talk about how beautiful Lume is and that's true. It's all made and filmed from paper cutouts and you can see some great production stills of the cute set. The problem is that there are only 4 or 5 puzzles, total, in the game and then your grandpa comes home and says "you should see the crazy stuff that's going on in town" and fade to black. What!? It's the length of a demo for a real game. I'll be quite interested when the finally finish the game, but until then don't pay more than 99¢ for the game, if that (there is an iOS version and it's often on sale for that price).

FuzzyCo grade: C