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Brothers* is a short adventure game with a big gimmick—you simultaneously control two brothers, one with each control stick of an Xbox controller, and each has a single action button. The control scheme itself is only mildly brain-numbing (I did, sometimes, have to stop and reorient the brothers on the sides of the screen to match the controller before I went completely crazy) and the puzzles that it engenders are not very difficult. But it enables some interesting story-telling and there was a moment near the end of the game where the action of pressing a single controller button got me choked up. I’ve never had a control scheme be poignant before.

FuzzyCo grade: A+

* The link there is to the PC version of the game (because of Amazon Affiliate kickbacks, yo) but don’t download it unless you have a controller for your PC with sticks. I played it on the Xbox 360, where it’s available from the Xbox Live store.