Gears of War

A great thing about getting a console four years after everyone else is that you can see what's become a 'classic' and pick those games up for cheap at Gamestop. Gears of War is only two years old, but the principal stands. While everyone else is off saving up $60 to preorder Gears of War 3, I'm playing a $7 used copy of the first game.

I hadn't played a FPS for a while and I have to say I feel like I blundered my way through the game a bit. I guess I got pretty used to the cover system, though, because in the next FPS I played I kept wanting to hug walls and glom onto little barricades. And I'm strictly a solo player, which I understand might be cutting off a large part of the game for me. But it's enough of a struggle for me to find time to play at all—why would I want to spend that time being beaten by a 12-year-old in Tulsa?

FuzzyCo grade: B+