After the Thin Man

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It's a bit of a peeve seeing events billed as "the first annual"—until you actually do it the second year, it's just an event that you might or might not ever do again. Well, this year I can say that Erica and I have an annual New Year's Eve tradition. Last year we watched The Thin Man and fell in love with Nick and Nora. They're married and witty and drink a lot. We're just like them, except for maybe the witty part. Christopher and Katie gave us the box set of all six Nick and Nora movies and this year on New Year's Eve we watched the second movie, After the Thin Man. Like the first, it's set on New Year's Eve, which made it apropos. Nick and Nora were as witty as ever, and drank nearly as much as in the first movie. Oh yeah, and a murder gets solved.

FuzzyCo grade: A