Bad Santa

We've started the holiday season, here in Vicksburg -- we went down to the main street holiday-ganza* shopping district today and tonight we watched Bad Santa (technically, the "Badder Santa" edition) tonight. Bad Santa got a lot of backlash when it came out, but I think that was the fault of the marketing. Certainly I remember trailers that seemed to indicate that it was a Christmas version of teen-age potty humor. In fact, it really belongs in the "small-time crooks' lives fall apart because they're small-time crooks" genre, like an Elmore Leonard or Carl Hiaasen novel (or film adaptation thereof). And in that genre, it's hilarious. If anything (has the statute of limitations on spoilers run out on this film yet?) I might have almost been happier if Willy had just died on the steps of the kid's house. FuzzyCo grade: A-.

Not for kids! It's not for kids at all. Cynical adults only, please.

* Not very ganza, I have to report, but we did get one present bought.