I also had really low expectations going into Burlesque. There was something about the trailers that was screaming "Showgirls" at me. And I had read Ebert's review which had a lot of quibbles with plot holes (though which even he concludes is not why you're going to or not going to see the movie). But Erica really wanted to see it, and my brother and his friend were also in, so I gave it a shot. And we were going to see it at the Alamo Drafthouse, so even if it was the worst movie ever, I knew I'd be comfortable and well-fed.

Burlesque is pretty OK. The songs and dances are great and for a movie of this type, the plot really isn't half-bad. I usually like his reviews, but I really just don't think Ebert was paying attention—I think most of his quibbles are just mistaken. Personally, my biggest quibble is that to match my experience of burlesque performers, the girls don't have enough tattoos (the only one who has any, it's just to indicate to you that she's trouble).[1] And, you know, I don't think Ali should have gotten back together with that guy—she can do a lot better. But over all, not too shabby.

FuzzyCo grade: B+

[1] Erica had a problem with Cher's big solo, because the light guy asks her if she wants a spotlight, she says yes, and then she's lit from behind with a blue gel.