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Cube has a very clever conceit at its heart -- it's a variation on the classic 'people trapped together devolve to their base instincts' trope -- see Lifeboat or Lost -- but the six protagonists are trapped in a series of booby-trapped cubical rooms arranged in a larger cube 26 rooms wide. So, if nothing else, as a budget filmmaker I was impressed that they'd managed to make a location of 17,576 rooms with a single set. Near the beginning of the film, I was even thinking about how easily it could be adapted to be presented on stage.

And maybe it could be presented on stage, logistically, but I wouldn't want to do so with the exisiting script.

Things move along nicely as the captives try to figure out how to survive in the deadly cubes, and as they wonder why they're in this situation and who has done this to them. It's when they actually start to discover the answers to some of those questions that it falls apart -- because the answers are really dumb. If they had left it mysterious it might be frustrating, but might be better (see Lost, again).

FuzzyCo grade: C-