Hide and Creep

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I saw this great zombie short -- Birthday Call -- and so when I read that the filmmakers had expanded it into a feature film and that it was going to be shown on SciFi I immediately Tivoed it. And it sat on the Tivo for six months or so, until I got Toast's Tivo2Go working, and then moved it onto my iPod*.

Hide and Creep is a zombie movie that knows about other zombie movies -- the first scene is a great monologue by a video store clerk categorizing the great zombie movies of the past. And as such, I was a little disappointed. The movie never quite seemed to live up to the grand promise it showed in that beginning. There are some great moments, but overall the movie drags. And the one big addition the movie makes to modern zombie lore is revealed too late in the movie to really have any effect on the plot or the characters. A great first effort, but not a great movie.

* I mention these technical details to a) brag that I got all these crazy systems to work together and b) to be honest about the limitations under which I watch some movies. I'm never going to get the full effect of a great special effect on the iPod screen.