How to Train Your Dragon

So, first off, my apologies to my two remaining readers: I'm going to be posting a buttload of my little movie reviews that no one cares about to catch up before the end of the year. My obsessive cataloging of my media consumption has been useful to me, at least, at keeping me in the habit of writing something even as I've veered away from the more personal recently*.

So, anyhoodle, How to Train Your Dragon was great. I'd heard good things, so it wasn't even a matter of exceeding low expectations (which seems be the main way movies are getting into my good books lately). Some things were easy gimmes: our main character is an outcast because he's a thinker and a reader in a world of jocks warriors? Yes, please, sign this nerd up. But the plot went some places I wasn't expecting. And it was really funny. And the dragons were so darn cute.

FuzzyCo grade: A+

* And when I say "recently", I'm meaning the last year or three, recent only in the 15+ years of this website**.
** Man, it's been that long. In Internet time, this is some ancient cave drawings we got going on around here.