Saw 1-5

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I was talking to Shaun about a particular movie pet peeve of mine and made the mistake of using the Saw movies as an example when I had never actually seen them. Shaun suggested that I was incorrect in my assumptions about the movies and so I decided there was only one way to know for sureā€”to watch all of them. Erica was out of town a few weekends ago and so I powered through all five Saw movies available on DVD. (This kind of thing is why I've still never seen The Godfather.)

The good news is that, while not great movies, they certainly are better than I thought they would be. The intricate plotting is intriguing and, especially watched back-to-back, the incessant retconning of their own plot lines is fascinating, although by Saw VII or VIII I'm sure we'll discover that everyone ever on screen in a Saw movie was actually working with Jigsaw.

FuzzyCo grade, Saw 1-3: B+
FuzzyCo grade, Saw 4-5: B-