Spice World

Erica and I finally caught up to the year 2000 and subscribed to Netflix, primarily for the Seinfeld Project (more on that later). But Netflix, as all of you not stuck at the turn of century already know, is so much more than just DVDs these days—it's Instant Streaming, which in our house alone we can watch on laptops, iPhones, the Wii, and the Xbox 360. And the very first movie that we watched on streaming was… Spice World.

I liked the Spice Girls' music when their first album came out. It's so catchy, how can you not. But this movie is such a mess. It's just… I mean… So many great actors and personalities make cameos in the movie to such little effect. And everyone is such broad stereotypes. And the Girls, of course, can't act at all. And nothing makes any sense. What was the Alan Cummings documentary film crew subplot even for?

FuzzyCo grade: C-