The Target Shoots First

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Long-time readers of the cavewall scrawlings here may remember my search for a mysterious documentary back in 2005, which ended when I discovered that the film, The Target Shoots First, had been sitting on Erica's coffee table the whole time I'd been looking. And then, in typical Fuzzy fashion, I didn't actually watch the movie until 2007. And then this month, with all the music documentaries we've been watching, it came up that Erica, owner of that magical coffee table, had never seen it. I couldn't find the DVD I had made, but we did still have the original VHS copy, so I re-digitized it (and yes, that was easier than hooking up a VCR in the living room) and we finally sat down and watched it (well, for me, again).

Since I had been thinking of it so much in terms of music, I had forgotten how much it's about office life. It's really such a personal, well-crafted documentary, and I can really see why Chris Wilcha was such a good choice for the TV version of This American Life.

FuzzyCo grade: A+