Doctor Who - Series Three*

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A couple weeks ago I decided that I should finish up the third series of Doctor Who because Torchwood season 2 has started and the whole "What Captain Jack did between the seasons" story is told in the last few episodes of Doctor Who. So I started charging through the episodes and I came to a realization -- Doctor Who is totally skating on my childhood nostalgia. As a child, I loved Doctor Who because of the sense of grand adventure. The writers of the current series seem much more focused on exploring the Doctor's "humanity" (as such) where "humanity" seems to mean to them a certain soppy sentimentality. And crying. There should not be so much crying in Doctor Who!

And then, of course, the last few episodes of the season, "42". "Blink", and the three stories of the final arc, were all pretty darn good. Darn you, Doctor Who. Now I'm going to have to actually watch the next season.

FuzzyCo: grade B

* Oh, how my inner fan rankles at that designation. Because, of course, it's Season 29. Gah.