The Seinfeld Project

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Erica's family often communicates through pop culture references, impenetrable to the uninitiated. You know, Darmok*. And it seems like half the references are from Seinfeld (the rest are from Waiting for Guffman). Erica will be trundling along in a conversation and she'll just throw in a "pancake-ville!" and then when I stare blankly she'll say, "you know, from Seinfeld". Now, I've lived in the United States and turned on the television, so I've seen some episodes of Seinfeld. And some of the references I get even if I had never seen the episode. I mean, "man hands" is pretty straight-forward. But enough was enough and we decided to watch Seinfeld. All of it. Start to finish. So we joined Netflix to get the discs and got started in October of last year. And almost exactly one year later I sent back the last disc of season nine.

So after 172 episodes, what have I learned? Nothing, of course. Also, that I made up "pancake-ville".

* You know, Darmok.