Layer Tennis

So I've gotten totally addicted to this weekly online design contest called Layer Tennis, hosted by Coudal Partners. Two designers duke it out in 15 minute rounds, with commentary by a guest writer. What makes it really feel like a sporting contest is the forum, with live kibbitzing from the peanut gallery. Coudal also gets people involved by having a sidecontest going in the forum during the live match and then by making the layered source files from each "volley" available afterwards for remixing during the week. I've entered many of the sidecontests and done a few remixes (and even won a few prizes from Coudal) but I'm particularly proud of my entry from this last week. I woke up this morning well before anyone else, made a pot of coffee, and learned enough Flash from some online tutorials to make this simple game. I know it's not much, but I'm happy with it for being two hours of effort (from scratch, no less).