Word Count - 16663

Well, New York was fun -- too fun for getting any work done on the novel. I wrote some in the airport and the plane on the way out, and I got a thousand words or so written on Saturday afternoon, and then a bit on the train into the city this morning (we got into Chicago at 7:30 this morning). I'm almost exactly 1/3 of the way through the novel and there's only a few days left and so.... I'm giving up. On the one hand, I found some bills I had neglected to pay and the dining room is a disaster and on the other, I've got some exciting things coming up in my usual artform (Improv), so I don't feel bad at all about stopping here. I don't think I've written 16,000 words on a single topic ever before in my life.

A friend of mine had a computer disaster and lost her first 10,000 words near the middle of the month and decided that her personal WriMo would be Nov. 15 - Dec. 15. She knew how slowly I was going and invited me to join her. I won't be. I was fine with the artificiality of the deadlines and doing the thing for the thing itself. My novel is really bad and I don't feel any need to keep working on it now that I've realized I won't make it to 50kw. Maybe next year.

P.S. For no particular reason, I've been listening to The Nortec Collective's The Tijuana Sessions Vol. 1 over and over as I was writing. It's a great album! I'm listening to it right now as I write this wrap-up.