Cinema 2.0
Directed by Fuzzy Gerdes - Playground Directors Series

Cinema 2.0 is not currently being produced.

Cinema 2.0 was an official sponsor of the 2004 B-Fest. We're excited to be a part of this annual 24-hour marathon of B-movies.

#1 on New City's "5 Shows to See Now"

"best bet" - Laura Baginski, RedEye
"often quite funny" - Nina Metz, New City

It's a simple idea: we project a B-movie with the sound off and our cast on microphones creates an entirely new soundtrack for the movie. Because this is Chicago, home of improv, we do it live and improvised with a different movie every night of the run. Because we can, we have two excellent musicians creating an improvised score. The result: a funny, funny show.

Cinema 2.0 debuted as part of the Playground Theater's Directors Series in the spring of 2003. From the fall of 2003 to the spring of 2004 we were part of WNEP's Around Midnite Series,.

Director Fuzzy Gerdes has been associated with the Playground since 2000, when he was cast in a Playground Incubator ensemble, and is an Artistic Associate at WNEP Theater. Fuzzy comes to Cinema 2.0 hot on the heels of directing the hit show The Neutrino Project. He is, as usual, keeping a journal about the process of directing the show.

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