Superpunk: 2001-2002 Tour DVD

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Here’s what Phillip has to say about this beast:

The news I’m sure you’ve all been waiting to hear is in this email: the Superpunk DVD is available!

For those of you who didn’t hear this news before, and therefore could not have been waiting to hear it, you can still be excited because… the Superpunk DVD is available!

You may be asking yourself or others, "How?" and "Why?" and "Wha… ?" The answer is simple. "Because we can." We’re proud of our show, and we’re even prouder to bring to you this special "Collector’s Edition" DVD, complete with a deleted scene, conceptual drawings, and feature-length commentary from the core members of Superpunk.

Our good friend Fuzzy Gerdes ( has been working day and night to try to bring the Superpunk experience to the digital world, and he has done so and then some. Or something. By ordering the Superpunk DVD, you get all the excitement and joy of terrific menus, scene selection, and closed captioning options, all on top of a great sketch comedy performance.

Supplies are limited, so I am taking orders now. The cost is still up in the air, but we’re not looking to make a profit or anything, so it will be the cost of the DVD itself plus whatever the packaging comes to. Most likely, around 10 bucks.

Unfortunately, the DVD will not play in EVERY player. It most likely will play in a computer’s DVD-ROM, but to make sure your home entertainment unit is compatible with burned DVD’s or DVD-R, go to this site:

If, for some reason, the DVD still won’t play, you may return it for a refund, OR if you don’t own a DVD player, we can send you a "Poor-Man’s DVD," otherwise known as a VHS tape, with all the features from the disc.

To order, simply reply back to the email, and include:
-How many copies you would like
-Where we should send the copies
-A subject line reading, "Gimme Gimme"

Thanks so much, and be on the look out for more Superpunk info at

See you in the future, Future-Buddies, and I apologize if you get his message twice.

~Phillip Mottaz

And here’s the front and back cover: