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genre: comedy
running time: 6:44
completed: July 2004

camera and editing: Fuzzy Gerdes
cast: Brian Goodman, Megan Diemer, Shaun Himmerick, Jin Kim
PA: Brian Goodman

Synopsis: Candyland is a (very) loose re-telling of Ingmar Bergman’s masterpiece The Seventh Seal. Remember in Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey when they play all those games against that bald Death guy? Same thing, only Shaun wouldn’t shave his head. It then veers off into a parody of DVD alternate endings and special features (though all the outtakes are real). It was created for the Vidiocy short film festival/contest. We were given the single word suggestion "Candyland" and had 21 days to create a short film under 10 minutes in length. As I recall, we did most of the shooting over a weekend and I edited together the final product over a few days.


Death (Shaun Himmerick)

Antonius Block (Jin Kim)

The game

Megan Diemer in one of the alternate endings

Jin Kim and Brian Goodman in another of the alternate endings

It was all a dream…