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genre: comedy
running time: 10:58
completed: May 30, 2004

script: Jamie Pilarski & Lauren Austin
editing: Jennifer M. Fah

camera, director: Shaun Himmerick
featuring: Fuzzy Gerdes, Clifton Highfield, Jin Kim, Sarah Pappalardo, Ryan Stone, and Andrea Swanson
music: "The Girl With Barrettes (Has Tourette’s)" by Haterosexual

Screenings: Dog will be screened, along with other Split Pillow selections, at the Around the Coyote Arts Festival at Rodan (1530 N Milwaukee) at 6pm on Friday, February 10, 2006 and Sunday, February 12, 2006.

Synopsis: Dog was filmed for Split Pillow’s The Challenge over Memorial Day Weekend 2004. In The Challenge, each team has 12 hours to write a script inspired by a donated prop and a piece of music. Each team then hands that script off to a different team to be filmed, and on completion of filming everyone hands their footage off to yet another team for editing. FuzzyCo received a script from Team Quick & Dirty (Jamie Pilarski & Lauren Austin) that had been inspired by a tube of Twinkie-flavored lip balm and the song "The Girl With Barrettes (Has Tourette’s)" by Haterosexual. The movie was edited by Team Ivy Sky (Jennifer M. Fah).

The movie is a He-said-She-said recounting of a blind date with Myra (Andrea Swanson) and Walt (Clifton Highfield) telling their respective friends Francis (Sarah Pappalardo) and Benjamin (Ryan Stone) about the evening. Flashbacks let us see the truth.


Walt and Benjamin exchange respekt kunckles.

Myra and Francis hang out in the kitchen.

Myra and Walt drive around in his car.

Walt approaches the Dog Walker (Jin Kim).

Walt shows the Dog Walker his skillz.

Dog Walker stares in bewilderment.

Motorcycle Rider (Fuzzy Gerdes) appears.

Motorcycle Rider counsels Walt.

Walt’s skillz. Again.

Myra shows off her skillz.



Myra plays with one of the knives from Forgotten Heroes: McGuillicutty II.

Sitcom Ending(tm).