First Kiss

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genre: comedy/experimental
running time: 2:12
completed: November 12, 2005

cast: Kristen Freilich, Fuzzy Gerdes, Shaun Himmerick, Jin Kim, Erica Reid
Fuzzy Gerdes, Shaun Himmerick, Erica Reid
Fuzzy Gerdes
original score:
Ben Taylor

Synopsis: First Kiss was filmed for the Fast Forward Film Festival #18 - "Real Short Stories films about your weird childhood". Our group was given the topic "First Kiss, First Love, First Other" and had from 8 PM Friday until 5 PM Saturday to complete a three-minute-or-less movie. The sequences with the stuffed animals were filmed using the camera on a Treo 650 phone. Ben Taylor wrote and performed the original score in two hours after seeing a first cut of the film on Saturday afternoon.