Work Shirt

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(Warning! The above video has lots and lots of swears! Wear headphones at your work or around children!)

genre: music video
running time: 3:35
completed: October 2, 2013

directed by: Erica Reid and Fuzzy Gerdes for FuzzyCo camera, editing: Fuzzy Gerdes

“Work Shirt” from the album Work Music by 8090

Directed, shot and edited by Fuzzy Gerdes and Erica Reid for FuzzyCo.

Starring: Andy Metz and Seth Williams

Kirsten Chan
Laura Glyda
Monique Madrid
GeorgeGabe Gonzalez
Corey Rittmaster
Denise Adan
Bella Ciao
Ramona Mourir
ViVi Valens
Eva LaFeva
Deja Sue
Laura Hugg
Fuzzy Gerdes
Jessy Lauren Smith

Special thanks to Shaun Himmerick.