Fratricide is a Reuptake Inhibiting Production

Directed by Fuzzy Gerdes.
Written by Homer Marrs.
with Mike Burns, Scot Goodhart, Homer Marrs, Brian Neslon, Chad Reinhart, and Aaron Walters.

Sunday, January 18, 2004 at 5:30pm at Chicago Sketch Fest.

press release for the original run:

FRATRICIDE, the debut sketch comedy revue from Reuptake Inhibiting Productions, explores and exploits the behavior of young men, gay and straight.

Homosexual overtones and undertones abound in FRATRICIDE, an hour-long satire of men in the larval stage of emotional maturity. FRATRICIDE takes a look at college guys doing what they do best: playing video games, drinking beer, fawning over pictures of their parents and practicing witchcraft. Two single guys sing the joys of being sex buddies. A disabled boy takes supernatural revenge. Sylvia Plath gets sports-superstar treatment and a young man struggles with telling his friends he’s going back into the closet. Tackling and tickling issues of fraternity, sexuality, and empathy, FRATRICIDE slaps guys on the back just hard enough to mark the spot to stab them.

Fuzzy Gerdes (director) comes to FRATRICIDE hot off the heels of directing the critically praised “Cinema 2.0” (named “#1 Show to See Now” by New City) for the Playground Theatre’s Directors Series. Prior to that, Gerdes closed an extended run of the wildly successful “Neutrino Project” (“Highly recommended” by the Chicago Reader), which he directed and produced.

Homer Marrs (writer) studied writing at Boston College where he won the Bishop Kelleher Award for Poetry in 2000. In Chicago he has co-authored two revues for Level Four Productions, including a show for SketchFest 2003, and performed in four revues with GayCo Productions. Marrs is an artistic associate of GayCo and WNEP Theater.

Reuptake Inhibiting Productions is dedicated to creating comedy to keep the brain happy.

"Recommended" "5 Shows to See Now" -- Nina Metz in New City

"interesting and often very funny"
"something amazingly novel about the concept"
"wholly worthwhile"

Nick Green in the Chicago Reader

"a crisp precision throughout"

Cast photos:

The Cast of Fratricide Mike Goss and Brain Nelson from Fratricide

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