Fuzzy's Second Tattoo

For some time I've been thinking about getting another tattoo, and I finally decided to get one for my birthday this year. A friend of mine had recommended Amy Justen at Chicago Tattoo, but when I called to get an appointment, it turned out that she was leaving the country for six weeks the next day. Patrick Cornolo of Body Basics had gotten lots of good reviews on the newsgroup, so I decided to go with him. As soon I got off the phone from making the appointment, a friend who was over said "Patrick Cornolo? He did some cover-up work for me a few years ago. He's a really nice guy." That was a good confirmation-of-good-decision-made.

I mailed Patrick the design and took a day off work to go up to Chicago.

My Tattoo Design

My new tattoo is the alphabet, lower case Goudy Old Style, as an arm band on my left arm.

On Friday, February 5, 1999, Liz and I drove up to Chicago. Everyone at Body Basics was very pleasant, and Patrick turned out to be very nice. Here's a bunch of pictures (click on the little picture to see a bigger picture):

Picture of my naked shoulder

Picture of Patrick getting ready
Getting Ready

Picture of half-way done

Picture of shiny, happy Patrick
It's good to have a happy tattoo artist

Picture of me clenching my teeth
Must. Not. Scream.

All Done.

It hurt about as much as I expected -- the underside of the arm is particularly tender. The worst was when Patrick was working on the underside and it hurt, but then it'd tickle at the same time.

There's just the smallest gap between the m and the n (which were the ends of the design). Would you have even noticed if I hadn't mentioned it?

It's been about a week and a half, and the tattoo is healing up nicely. Next?


August 2003: I was doing headshots with Aaron Gang and we took this shot to show off the tattoo:

Headshot with tattoo

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