Bare in Boston
Fuzzy Gerdes
December 2002
FuzzyCo: Bare

Bare went to Boston to do some shows at ImprovBoston. Asaf, Hugh, and Karen from The Scene came up from New York to teach some classes and jam with us all. Cars broke down. People did improv. I took pictures without a flash in a very dark bar (I think it makes everyone look mysterious and cool.)

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DSC03430 DSC03431 DSC03433 DSC03434
Asaf Asaf Karen Elyse and Zabeth
DSC03436 DSC03437 DSC03440 DSC03441
Asaf Paul Cocktail me
DSC03442 DSC03443 DSC03448 DSC03449
Hugh and friends Asaf Asaf Karen
DSC03451 DSC03452 DSC03453 DSC03455
Hugh Stuff Asaf Karen