Here are some services and providers of goods that I use myself (or manage for clients) and that, in all honesty, provide some sort of affiliate program so purchasing their goods or services via these links will send some small remuneration back to my coffers.

  • Amazon - You may have heard of this small retailer. They have a few items available.
  • Backblaze - Backblaze is unlimited personal backup for ridiculously cheap: starting at $5/month and cheaper if you pay for a year or two in advance.
  • Bluehost - Bluehost is a fine hosting service that some of my web-design clients use.
  • Dreamhost - All of the FuzzyCo Empire websites are hosted on Dreamhost and have been since 2005. You can either just click that link and sign up for hosting, or say that “” referred you.
  • iTunes - an iTunes gift card is always a fine gift, unless the recipient hates music, movies, and books.

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