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August 1, 2003

35-Hour Improvathon

Sammy writes:

SEASIDE, FL. - Get ready for the longest improvisational show in history, performed by a single improv troupe. On August 13, at 12:00 noon, the Seaside Repertory Theatre's improv troupe, SPF 7 will begin their 35-hour Improvathon under the direction of Sammy Wegent, attempting to break the unofficial 28 hour record now held by a Kentucky-based improv troupe. "Sammy's Kids," as they will be known for the 35-hour period will take the stage to perform improvisational games, long-form scenes, monologues, audience member interviews, and anything else to keep them awake, including on the hour, every hour snippets of "White People Rapping", an SPF 7 signature game and audience favorite.

People all over the globe will be able to tune in and catch pictures and streaming audio of the production at the theatre's website, www.seasiderep.org.

Wegent says that he and the troupe are excited for the opportunity to break the official and unofficial record for longest improv show performed by one troupe and hopes their excitement spreads into the community and that the Improvathon will be well-attended.

"We'll be performing some of the favorite games and formats people have seen before and also some new inventions to keep it interesting," Wegent said.

The purchase of a $10 ticket will guarantee entry to the event for the entire 35-hour period. The Improvathon will begin at noon on Wednesday, August 13 and will end at 11:00 p.m. on Thursday, August 14. Please call 850-231-3033 for more information.

Posted by Fuzzy at August 1, 2003 8:34 PM