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Drunk Monkeys - Episode 57 - Dr. McGillicuddy’s Apple Pie Liqueur.

It’s the last episode from our live appearance at the 2013 Chicago Sketch Fest at Stage 773, but not the last episode of Season 8—next week we start some shows filmed live at Watershed, one of our favorite bars in Chicago. But this week, Jen and Erica finish off the fest by trying some tiny bottles of Dr. McGillicuddy’s Intense Apple Pie Liqueur.

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Drunk Monkeys - Episode 35 - Alaska Distillery Salmon Vodka (Live!).

It's the second review from Jen and Erica's live appearance at the Chicago Women's Funny Festival: Alaska Distillery Salmon Vodka. We're going to be taking a little hiatus now, steeling our livers for another taping of the Drunk Monkeys show. Follow us on Twitter (@drunkmonkeyshow) or subscribe in iTunes to find out when new episodes appear.

Erica's shirt: Drink Coffee, Drink Whiskey.

The Bakon Vodka episode we keep talking about.

Drunk Monkeys - Episode 33 - Live! Chicago Women's Funny Festival.

This is the first podcast episode coming from our live show at the Chicago Women's Funny Festival. It's a little departure from our usual structure, as there's very little drinking except for shots of Malört and Girl that Jen and Erica do at the top of the show, but Jen talks about Disaronno and the origin of the show and it's funny. Next week, we have some actual reviews from the live show.

Erica's shirt: Drink Coffee, Drink Whiskey.