Mt. St. Helens
Fuzzy Gerdes

In late July 2001, I went out to Portland, Oregon for the wedding of my friends Lee Davis and Mary Davis (no relation :-). A week before the wedding, Lee and Mary, and Lee's dad Jeff and Mary's Maid of Honor, Peg and I all climbed Mt. St. Helens.

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P7220003 P7230005 P7230011 P7230019
Jeff Davis and Lee Davis. You should be able to see St. Helens in the background, but you can't. Getting ready to climb at 4 AM. Still in the trees, a view of the misty valley. Do you think we can get a Luna Bar sponsporship?
P7230020chip P7230021 P7230023peg P7230036rest
A friendly (and hungry?) chipmunk visited us while we were on a snack break. Above the timberline, looking down. Peg is still happy. Mary and Peg at a rest stop. There isn't a real trail most of the way up - you just make your way between the poles that mark the route.
P7230049 P7230052 P7230055 P7230059
Jeff and Lee. On Jeff's backpack you can see his climbing permit - only 100 people a day are allowed up Mt. St. Helens. Mt. Adams. The crew rests before the final ascent. The final section of the climb.