Mt. St. Helens
Fuzzy Gerdes

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A panaoramic view from the rim of the crater. (It's a 180K picture, so it may load rather slow.) Looking down into the crater. The lava dome was a sinkhole immediately after the eruption. It's estimated that it will crest the current summit within 20 years. Lee Davis, Mary Davis, Fuzzy Gerdes, Peg Cooper, and Jeff Davis on the rim of the crater of Mt. St. Helens, with Mt. Rainier in the background. (We're not really at the summit.) Me and Mary at the actual summit. It's several hundred feet (and a bit of a scary hike) from where most people stop.
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Somebody brought a dog AND a baby all the way up. Peg isn't so happy anymore. Pretty flowers. Blue pretty flowers.
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A clearing with pretty flowers. Yellow pretty flowers. A red pretty flower. We climbed that!