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Last-minute Buzzy show, August 25, 2006

Ruth Buzzy and Amelia

Rare, last-minute fill-in appearance of Ruth Buzzy featuring the velvet tongue of Jim Kamp. Tomorrow night at Cal's, 400 S Wells.

All you Friday rockers take heed and check out the coolest drinkin' hole in the Loop. (Except for Old Timer's on Lake and Michigan/Wabash, it may be the only cool drinkin' hole in the Loop, - everything else is just so fancy. Not like Cal's - no sir.)

The mutant Buzzy is coming fresh off a wedding-band stint earlier this month, so any wacky old thing just might happen - you never cain tell! Yee-haw!! (That's the Rebel Yell, fyi.) The Ruth Jimzy goes on first, at 10, followed by our Champaign pals Mad Science Fair, featuring Mike from Hot Glue Gun on guitar and Dave the booking guy on drums. And (coincidentally!!) a guy named Jim on bass.

Yours in corn,
Country Buzzy

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