3 on 3 Improv Tourney
Thanksgiving Weekend 2001
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 Over the Thanksgiving weekend of 2001 (November 22-24), Bare Plus (Shaun Himmerick and Fuzzy Gerdes of Bare, plus Chad Reinhart) flew from Chicago to New York to participate in the first annual 3 on 3 Improv Tourney at the UCB Theater. We were knocked out of the competetion in the preliminaries, but it was still a fun weekend.

Manhattan, from the plane.
Chad indicates pizza slices. We ate little else for our entire trip.
Life is never boring in NYC -- firefighters extinguish a FedEx truck near Central Park.
Celebrity Judge Armando Diaz (who will be in Chicago soon to direct Eventé for FuzzyCo) relaxes before the preliminaries.
3 on 3 organizer Kevin Mullaney in his Referee outfit.
Conan O'Brien writer Kevin Dorff stoically resists Shaun's humorous faces.
Chad, Shaun, and I get psyched in the UCB green room. It's true -- everyone from Chicago wears a leather jacket.
Zohar Adner, Will Janowitz, and Matt Miller of Sucky McBaddBadd. Something we noticed during the entire Tourney is that Chicago needs more improv groups who all dress alike.
Shaun and Chad confront Andy Secunda at McManus after the preliminaries. Yeah, we lost to this guy.
Rebekka Johnson (of NJ Stink), Kevin Mullaney, Shaun looking mean for no reason, and Andy Secunda proving that actually he's very normal-looking and it was very unfair of me to put up that bad picture of him just because I'm bitter that we lost.
Gawkers at Ground Zero. Yes, I realize that we were gawkers, too, so there's no reason for me to get on a moral high horse.
Shaun and Chad gawking at Ground Zero.