3 on 3 Improv Tourney
Thanksgiving Weekend 2001
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D.A.R.I.U.S - Julie Klausner, Shannon O'Neill, and Sam Riegel - just before the finals.
Tech goddess Millie Cho prepares for the 3 on 3 Finals.
The Celebrity Judges for the finals -- Ali Davis (who has one show of Femme Boost left at the UCB), John Telfer of Chicago City Limits, and Asaf Ronen, editor of YesAnd.com.
D.A.R.I.U.S in action. (I really need to get a new digital camera that can better capture action in low light settings like a theater. Suggestions anyone?) They came into the finals in 4th place.
Coming into the finals in 3rd place was Puppy Stab! - Bernie Kravitz, Jeff Campbell, Brian Finkelstein. In the upper right-hand corner of the picture, the clock remorselessly ticks away their time.
While the judges' scores were being compiled, 3 on 3 co-host Julie Brister conducted post-game interviews back stage that were shown on video monitors in the theater.
Entering the finals in 2nd place were NJ Stink - Rebekka Johnson, Rhea Dates, and Jim Festante.
NJ Stink are all from Possible Side Effects in New Jersey. See, their shirts look like they say Free Sex, but really they say Possible Side Effects written really strangely. Clever, no?
They came into, and left, the finals in first place. Triage - Michael Delaney, Andy Secunda, and Sean Conroy.
Michael Delaney and Andy Secunda have sex.
Really, even though we lost, it was worth it to meet people like Chad's cousin Shannon. Really. I'm not bitter. At all. [Sob]