Bare at Foolfest 2002

Photos from Foolfest

Photos from Foolfest

Way back in 1994 when Shaun and I were improv babies with a group called National Velveeta, we went to a festival in Athens, Georgia called ImprovStock. At that festival, we were blown away by three guys from SAK Comedy Lab. Over the years, we've been consistently impressed with the work of SAK, and of those three young men, who went on to found Atlanta's Dad's Garage Theater and LA's Houseful of Honkeys. So, Shaun and I were very excited when we learned that Bare's application to SAK's Foolfest Festival had been accepted AND that the Honkeys would also be performing.

This last week proved that our excitement was justifed. Other than sunny Florida being cold and rainy, and getting ripped off (twice) getting from the airport to our hotel, the whole week was a great mix of old friends (Bassprov, Drunk Baby Collective, Goga, Plain Cake Donuts, Slap Happy) and new ones (everyone else), of kick-ass parties (I never got back to the hotel room before 3 am) and great shows.

Thanks especially to all the SAK folks. Enjoy the pics. (Also, Jackie Rosepal took a ton of pictures, The Cowards have pictures up, SAK has pictures, and has pictures.)

[Monday, Feb. 25, 2002]

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