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National Velveeta reunited for one special show, Saturday, April 17, 1999 at the Wesley Foundation, 435 West State, West Lafayette, Indiana.

Reunion Show Flyer (in PDF format)

National Velveeta...

...was West Lafayette, Indiana's finest improvisational comedy troupe, as well as its only improv troupe, from 1989 to 1995. National Velveeta specialized in fast-paced, high-energy comedy often accompanied by our own accordion player. No challenge was too great: timing scenes down to the second, trying to top each other's one-liners, nearly drowning themselves in buckets of water. For a further challenge, most shows featured "Danger Corner," where the troupe premiered a brand new structure they'd never performed before.

The group broke up in 1995, but several of the members went on to form Crazy Monkeys before the cheese was even cold. Fuzzy Gerdes has written a history of his time with the group and the transition between the two groups.

The members of National Velveeta were all either Purdue students or Purdue alumni; membership changed yearly as people came and went.

The group was formed in 1989 by Purdue student Phil Granchi, and went on to perform professionally in West Lafayette, Indianapolis, Bloomington, and Louisville. National Velveeta performed at cafes, bars, dorms, benefit concerts, festivals, private parties, and banquets. In addition, the troupe did two successful self-produced shows. National Velveeta was been written up in all the local newspapers, and wrote and produced a Halloween radio show, "Attack of the Were-Corn,".



National Velveeta Alumni include:


Games List

The Games List is not really being updated. Cheeeeeeese!


Over the years, National Velveeta was the subject of numerous articles in the local print media, the last one in the Dec 1, 1995 edition of the Purdue Exponent, which talked about our imminent demise. Best quote of the article: "I've seen them three or four times," [Amy Bredford, president of PSUB] said, "They use some old things, but it varies when you see them. They're not stand up. They're more like a play." Best mis-quote of the article: [Liz Thelen on the reasons for the break-up] "We began to feel that the name was becoming this national institution"

We liked our name, but we received a sign that we should consider changing it.



The Crazy Monkeys
are National Velveeta's successors to the crown of West Lafayette improv.
The New Improv Page
is an excellent clearing-house of improv information.
Tippecanoe Arts Federation
National Velveeta was a member of TAF and proud of it.

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