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Drunk Monkeys - Episode 53 - Cocktail Time - Loaded Baked Potato.

What we call a “season” of this show is filmed all in one night and just released as separate episodes. So if I say that this is the last episode of Season 7, our longest season yet, perhaps then you’ll know why Jen and Erica seem so… tired. A constant quest of the show is to find a way to drink the more savory liquors without just masking them in a Bloody Mary. In this episode, Jen is concocting something she calls a Loaded Baked Potato, using both Bakon (ep29) and Naked Jay Big Dill pickle (ep42) vodkas.

It’s the end of Season 7, but we’ll be back next week right on schedule with the start of Season 8. Season 8 will feature episodes filmed during our live appearances at Chicago Sketch Fest and at Watershed back in January.

Drunk Monkeys - Episode 45 - Alaska Distillery Birch Syrup Vodka.

Full disclosure: we’ve been gifted bottles of liquor to drink on the show by friends before, but this is the first time that a distillery has sent us something to review. This episode, Jen and Erica are drinking Birch Syrup Flavored Vodka, from Alaska Distillery, the makers of Salmon Vodka.

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Drunk Monkeys - Episode 42 - Naked Jay Big Dill Pickle Flavored Vodka.

Jen and Erica were given a bottle of Naked Jay Big Dill Pickle Flavored Vodka and they brave the green for the second time this season.

We’ll be taking a short hiatus before we get our next season in the can, so in the mean time please rate the show on iTunes, leave a comment here or on our YouTube channel, and follow us on Twitter so you’ll know when the show is coming back.

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Episode 37 - Pinnacle Gummy

Drunk Monkeys - Episode 37 - Pinnacle Gummy.

The ladies start out the new season with an old friend: Pinnacle flavored vodka. This week the flavor is “Gummy”, with a picture of a fish which looks suspiciously like a Swedish Fish.

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Drunk Monkeys - Episode 35 - Alaska Distillery Salmon Vodka (Live!).

It's the second review from Jen and Erica's live appearance at the Chicago Women's Funny Festival: Alaska Distillery Salmon Vodka. We're going to be taking a little hiatus now, steeling our livers for another taping of the Drunk Monkeys show. Follow us on Twitter (@drunkmonkeyshow) or subscribe in iTunes to find out when new episodes appear.

Erica's shirt: Drink Coffee, Drink Whiskey.

The Bakon Vodka episode we keep talking about.

Episode 29 - Bakon Vodka

Drunk Monkeys - Episode 29 - Bakon Vodka.

Jen and Erica try Bakon, the bacon flavored vodka. A Michelada, which Erica mentions, is beer, lime juice, and tomato juice. We like to substitute bloody mary mix for the tomato juice, for a bit of a kick.

Don't forget that this upcoming Wednesday is the first live Drunk Monkeys episode-taping, as part of the Chicago Women's Funny Festival. The show will be on Wednesday, June 6th at 10pm at Stage 773. Tickets to the show are $12 and available online at and at the Stage 773 box office at 1225 W. Belmont Ave. If you can't make the show, the episodes will eventually be released online here, but c'mon!

Jen and Erica are taking suggestions for liquors to try at and on Twitter at @drunkmonkeyshow.