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June 3, 2010

365 Sketches

365 SketchesLast year Joe Janes wrote a sketch a day. From June 3 to June 13 he's producing all 365 over 26 shows with 26 different directors. I'm in the first show, opening night, presenting 14 sketches written in the first two weeks of the project. Mary Jo Bolduc is directing the show and the ensemble consists of myself, Dennis Frymire, Gabe Garza, Andrew Jordan, Marsha Harman, Jill Fenstermaker, and Sara Gorsky. Strawdog Theatre 3829 N Broadway, Chicago

June 26, 2010

Private Show

Bryan Bowden and I will be doing a private show in Dyer, Indiana. Sorry to tease, but this post is for my records.

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