Bare... writes?

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Shaun and I have been doing improv as Bare for four years now, and we have plenty of improv shows coming up, both in Chicago and around the country. But for the last year or so Shaun has been talking about Bare doing a sketch show. As part of pushing that along, we had our first meeting tonight with our new writing coach, Phillip Mottaz of Superpunk.

I haven't really written any sketch since the days of The Outliers. Shaun writes sketches all the time for CCC, but they tend to be so finely-tuned for a specific corporate environment that they're not really suitable for anything else. So I think we both have some work to do.

Another part of pushing the sketch show along is... booking shows. So Shaun has signed us to do a sketch slot at "Sunday Setlist" at Frankie J's on Sunday, April 4. Eek.