Fuzzy Gerdes: Actor

I’m an improv comedian, an actor, and a host. I’ve won story-telling contests, announced game shows, interviewed people for web segments, and danced behind robots as a space-gas-station attendant. A radio announcer once told me that I had “a voice for comedy”, which I’ve always wondered whether it was an insult.

Voice Work

Would you like to know what I sound like? Here’s my voiceover demo:

Download my voiceover demo as mp3.


And this is what I look like. I grow facial hair fairly quickly and so I've shown you three different face-hairinesses I can be found in. All of these photos are by the delightful Greg Inda.

Fuzzy Gerdes

Fuzzy Gerdes with a beard.

Fuzzy Gerdes with a mustache.

Fuzzy Gerdes, clean-shaven.

Fuzzy Gerdes. Derp.


I can be contacted by email at fuzzy@fuzzyco.com.

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