Belmont Burlesque Revue Review

Madame X at BBR
Saturday night at "Midnight and a half"* Bare performed at the Belmont Burlesque Revue. (We performed as "Himmerick & Gerdes" because we thought that sounded more Vaudevillian.) We did some sketches from a book of Burlesque comedy bits that Megan had, and one original piece. Someone was supposed to take pictures, but they didn't. So I don't have any pictures of Shaun and me in oversized jackets mugging shamelessly. I took this one picture of Madame X from waaaay offstage with my little camera, and then I got caught up in remembering the set list.

* It's tricky to advertise a show after midnight -- we did have one person get confused because we had put "Saturday at 12:30 am" on the posters and they came Friday night, because it is, technically, Saturday once you get past midnight.