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Well, Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks has gone gold (that means, it's done and been sent to be manufactured and shipped to your favorite games store) and so the endless interviews with Shaun and Ed and previews of the game are giving way to reviews. And so far they're coming in pretty good. Playboy Magazine gave the game four rabbits. Need I go on?

The game is due in stores next Tuesday, September 20. I pre-ordered the game so I could get my lil' Jin figure. I only wish it were a talking action figure so it'd be like having Jin with me at all times. Forever.

Shaun had been planning on taking some time off once the game was done and maybe just riding his motorcycle around for a few weeks. But things changed in the world and as soon as the game was finished, he filled Ol' Crumple Zone up with water and power bars and headed for the Gulf Coast to help however he could. He txted me yesterday that "NO really is a mess... Basically martial law. Headed to baton rouge red cross." Wish him well.